Sunday, January 11, 2009


Some of you may remember me from my other blog. Personally, I think it was not so hot. My first attempt at blogging- wow. I'll treasure it forever. *snort* Anyway, I started this new, awesome blog about writing, reading, and music. Yay! I'll write and post short stories, have awesome music playing, and review books. Wish me luck!
~Eyes of a Bystander


fate said...

well good luck

Michelle McNerlin Photographic Concepts said...

I did read your other blog. And enjoyed it immensely. You remind me of my former self, a person that I miss every single day. God, how I wanted to be a writer. I still dream of it every now and again. Between being a mom and following my alternate dream, I hardly have time for the occasional journal entry or even rarer, a poem... but my blog does afford me the opportunity to ramble on to an invisible audience. That shall have to suffice for now.

kingofskate said...

at least someone has music